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Weight And Motorcycle

By Maricon Williams

Have you ever bothered about the significance of weight to your bike? Maybe yes, but to other riders, the answer will be on the negative.

Weight affects the performance of the motorcycle. In fact, it greatly improves the bike’s braking acceleration and deceleration. Thus, to reduce the weight of the wheels can make a great boost. That change can be a catalyst to achieve your most desired motorcycle performance.

Motorcycle parts and accessories play an important role in the performance of the motorcycle. They can break or make a history. This is the reason why we have to know them by heart and apply the best solution to bring out the best in every part.

In connection to weight, it must be correlated to these motorcycle parts. Say for instance, the tires. Weight can be considered in two ways – the static weight and the dynamic weight. The first speaks of the weight the motorcycle is not moving while the former deals with the weight when the motorcycle is at motion.

In static weight, the reduction of every ounce of the wheels weight is equal to four ounces on the sprung part. If we take magnesium wheels which normally weigh ten pounds lesser than stock aluminum wheels, the weight reduction is equivalent to forty pounds. That will be tantamount to a lot of carbon and titanium.

In dynamic weight, we can have weight reduction on the rim of the wheel because this is where real action is. Here, every ounce of weight reduction on the rim is equivalent to approximately twenty-five pounds of weight at 100 MPH.

Magnesium wheels usually reduce the total rim weight of the wheels by 20 ounces, the least. This means that the motorcycle will weigh 500 pounds less at 100 MPH. This is the real weight.

As mentioned earlier, weight is connected to speed. Speed reduction, on the other hand is connected to the bike’s velocity. Thus, as the bike increases its speed the weight will also increase exponentially.

Reducing the weight is easy. You just need to consider using lighter materials, load and applying the laws of science. Bear in mind that lighter wheels result to greater performance!

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