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Always made in the USA and 100% patriotic every Schott NYC leather or wool jacket comes with a history, a story spanning 90 years and four generations of Schotts in America. As well, the time frame spans 22 presidents, two world wars, one King not to mention the love affair of Americans and the open road. How many have left their cares behind and hit the open road in Schott leather ... impossible to tell.

Two brothers, Irving and Jack Schott, took aim at their desire for the American dream and started making raincoats on the lower east side of Manhattan and sold them door to door all over New York City. The setting is 1913 New York with the Model T beginning to crowd the bustling and busy streets of New York City.

By the mid-twenties, while Babe Ruth and Al Capone were making headlines for breaking records and breaking laws, Schott NYC was making headlines of its own by revolutionizing the way we dress for the outdoors when they were the first to put a zipper on a jacket.

Innovation being the modus operandi of the times the Schott brothers targeted the motorcycle market and the leather jacket. In 1928 Irving Schott produced the first leather motorcycle jacket from his own design. At $5.50 each and named the "Perfecto" it was an instant success. This rugged and durable leather motorcycle jacket became the symbol of the American fascination with motorcycles and the symbol of freedom and the biker image.

But as the country and the world turned its attention overseas, so did Schott. Commissioned by the US Air Force at the start of WWII, Irving Schott designed and produced a "bomber jacket" that would serve and protect Our Boys as they fought for liberty in the air over Europe and the Pacific. And on deck, servicemen kept out the cold with Schott's classic melton wool naval pea coat. Rugged and warm, these leather and wool jackets would be produced by Schott for the US Military for the next 60 years.

By 1954 the war was over, Korea was the focus, and America was back in full swing. "The Wild One" premiered and became a cult classic. Fast cars, rock 'n roll and the new America combined with leaders such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. The "Schott Perfecto" leather jacket was at the core of fashion for the "hood" and the motorcycle centered segment of society. Although the jackets became banned in school systems across the country they inevitably won out and are still a mainstay in motorcycle garb to this day.

Over the past 50 years Schott NYC has seen new leadership and continues to grow. Styles and products have changed, and some stayed the same, as materials are modernized, changed and fashion styles have come and gone. Schott accessories abound and are now found worldwide.

Schott continues their motorcycle heritage expanding into sunglasses, bags, nylons and wools at their 100 year old factory in the New York City area.

Four generations of our family thank you for appreciating our passion. has had a passion for the open road and leather motorcycle jackets and leather accessories since 1928.
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