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Painting Your Chopper Motorcycle
By Anand Mani


Professional air brush kit is the most basic tool which is required to paint a chopper motorcycle. It sprays enamels lacquers inks and other liquids, which operate on fifteento fifty pounds per square inch pressure. It is an internal combine air brush with twin action trigger, which gives only single finger control of air-flow and pattern width. To assure more uniform coverage, an internal combine air brush is used. By using it, you can paint each and every part of your chopper motorcycles as its pattern adjusts from fine line 1/16 inches to broad 1-1/2 inches. It can easily used with the help of compressor or carbon dioxide tank. Air brush with 1/4 - oz. ink (paint) jar, one 2 - oz. jar and two 3/4 - oz. ink (paint) jars with covers, for detail work one ink (paint) tip is also included in professional air brush kit.


Paint striping tool is used to paint the dges of a chopper motorcycle. With the help of paint striping tool, you can easily paints a single line or two parallel lines at same time. It can also be used to make latest and hottest designs on your chopper motorcycle.

Making your own custom designs can be proved very valuable as it is different from the various designs which are easily available in the market. Six striping wheels (two 1/16 inches two 1/32 inches one 3/32 inches and one 1/4 inches), four spacers (two 1/16 inches one 1-32 inches and one 3/32 inches), additional washer, storage tray, two 1/2 - oz. jars, instructions and idea booklet are also included in this tool kit.


Gravity feed air spray gun is very fast as compare to any other spray gun available in the market. Gravity feed air spray gun kit is the best spray gun as it includes additional nozzle, air cap, and separate needle sets. For more efficient ink (paint)flow, better control and easier maneuvering overhead cup is included in the kit. The removable air regulator is used to controls the air pressure and allows the user to use the ink (paint) of any thickness. It also maintains the desired pressure and it is unaffected by the power the compressor.



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