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Charlie Boorman, The star from Long Way Round Race the Paris to Dakar Rally

Charlie Boorman, Without his co star Ewan McGregor who only stops in for a few shots and cameo appearances. The star from Long Way Round Charlie Boorman the likable biker. He gets the team back together for another sponsorship deal with BMW where he enters the Paris to Dakar Rally. I guess he said he wanted to in the last show Long was Round, so they are putting in all the effort again for a long BMW riding adventure.
Charley Boorman-Race to Dakar
He gets most all of the original team together, and adds Simon Pavey an Australian bike champion, Bike Instructor, 5 times Dakar Racer finisher. and all round good guy going by the film, the personable British biker, rider, camera guy Matt Hall, and the mechanical crew consisting of two very good mechanics last but not least the Producer and team Captain Russ Malkin. A good group to attempt an almost impossible task. The Dakar Rally!
The series starts in a slow wind up fashion but within one episode the action and fun begins. Charley has reservations and trouble getting going, and seem to swear way to much in just casual conversation. They try to show you a real sense of how tough the race is both mentally and physically. For me one of the funniest parts of the show is the BMW X-5 car thing they tried to make ready for the Dakar. 100's of hours are spent trying to get a street car BMW thing ready for the serious off road Sorry BMW it's a street car with a 4x4 false impression, and it's way to electric and computerized, this causes problems for the team from day one. Once the rider really hit the mud, sand dirt and heat true moments of fun frustration, stress, fatigue, and lots of admiration and bafflement for the people riding, driving or supporting this event. The Dakar rally is really is one of the worlds hardest races. Charley and the team crew give you an insight into how quote "insane this all is" It makes all bike rider wish and dream about the day we could try something like this. Charlie is luck or how do they say is cunning like a fox to be able to have a year to prepare, a large budget of cash, a team of co-riders, backup trucks, mechanics, office crew etc. I guess the DVD, book and TV contract make it all possible. Go Charlie go, I hope you finish the famous Paris to Dakar Rally.

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