Sweet Red Springer Hard Tail

Here is another shot of a bike I saw sitting at the Broken Spoke Saloon in Sturgis. I took a bunch of shots and really wish I would have taken some notes. As I look at these pictures I would like to give the proper credit to the builders and riders. But then again, let's see I was in Sturgis after riding all day, we had just stopped for a our first beer and um, well my note book was not handy. I guess I am glad I got some pictures to post and talk about.

This bike is an extreme combination of low slung seat, big engine, super twisted and fabricated frame, highlighted by a tall front springer front end. Check out the way the tube work is done around the rear section of the seat, the rear swing arm and the fender supports. Wow someone got twisty with the tube bender, great work guys. The little extras like the powder coated rims or the bright red highlight around the front head light, make this one seriously red machine. I am not a fan of the big wide open belt primary but, if you have a motor that big I guess you need some way to control and transfer the power from the engine into the transmission. All in all a great combination of bright red, and super shinny chrome.