Haulmark Orange Chopper.

Here is a noteworthy shot of a super custom Softail. It was built for the Haulmark trailer company, thus it has the bright orange paint and the company logo on the tank.  Haulmark makes trailers, to help with the motorcycle shipping of your precious bike, that is if I can't get on it and ride it to the show.  I am impressed with all the work welding and building and filling in the fender and body on the rear of this bike. Talk about some serious fabrication work. I wish I could work with sheet metal like this. Once I get below about 3/16 or 1/4 thickness when fabricating I am done. It just doesn't seem to work for me. I can't weld it, bend it or make it look like anything but sludge. Well anyway look at how the frame moves forward and into the gas tank. Then check out how the gas tank on the front flows right into the frame. Someone did a very nice job on this bike. If you know the fabricator please let me know and I will give them proper credit. This thing looks like it has a big old Engine as well. The big tall jugs are good looking, and yes I am talking about the engine cylinders guys.