Low and Lean Harley Davidson Custom Softail

While I was wandering around the Broken Spoke Saloon out North of town I started taking pictures of Custom Bikes. Here is a shot of a low single seat Soft tail. I am thinking this is a custom of some kind, the chain makes me think it is not a Harley Davidson. The bike does have some of the looks and features of a Fatboy, but I would guess it's not an official Halrey Davidson. The chain also make me think that motor maybe a fire breathing monster, not just a 80 cubic inch evolution HD motor.

The flames on the tank are very cool, I like them but think if I was putting them on my bike I would make them ghost flames, so they were not very visible. The other cool thing about this bike is the the way the handle bars are pulled back. They really change the look of the front, bringing it down and back. I bet it makes this motorcycle feel low and lean once you climb on.

Well my hat goes off to who ever owns this bike, I like it and think the overall look is pretty damn good, and I bet it gets up and goes.