Novemeber 3rd and I got in a great ride.

It was cold and wet when I started this morning, I bet the temp was in the 40's which is cold yet nice enough to withstand for about a 45 miles of zipping around the town. I had a meeting at lunch and to and from work so I got in a good amount of seat time. The amazing thing is that it is November 3rd. In Utah this is certainly part of the extended season.

So on another completely cool and unrelated note, the Road King turned over 8000 mile a couple of days ago. Which makes the Summers total miles 8000-3400 = 4600. That's not bad for a about 6 months of drive time. I know some people put on 6000 miles a month or what ever huge number. For me being as busy as I am and a working stiff with a 12 mile commute, I say I logged some miles. Not too bad, and enough to convince me that I really like the Harley Road King and think I will keep it.