Today was Fantastic again,and I didn’t get to ride, I promise I will ride tomorrow.

The very few last nice and clear days here in Salt Lake to Ride my HOG and I missed it. I will ride tomorrow, I promise, I promise, I promise. Until then here is a shot of a bike I saw at Sturgis. Just one of the many machines I snapped a picture of. I will some day get the time and money to build a custom bike until then I will keep staring and all the wonderful bike I encounter. With each bike I see a few clues of things I like and other things I am not so sure of. This one is interesting, the way the pipes are all wrapped in black heat tape give the machine a different look compared to big, swoopy, shinny chrome, pipes. The frame is clean and tall, the blinkers and controls are neat. I like it and could see myself zooming down the road on it.