"Game On" The king is back on the Road.

Today is a fantastic day, Sunny and warm in the 70's for April 1st and we are in luck. We are also back in the saddle again and getting 45 Mile Per Gallon on the good ole Harley Road King. Man that first sensation of the Summer is great O-70 in 3 gears and one long hard twist of the throttle as I passed that stupid little car to get up to speed on the Highway. I wanted to make a note that the King has 11,400 miles on it. So this is where I start riding for the season. I plan to rack up some big miles this year. Last year was a minimal riding season for me, so I need to make it up, and put down some serious tread. I will also need a new tire soon so I might as well burn up the old one before the state says I must get it replaced.

This weekend I need to put a clean new shine on the bike, so if the weather holds I'll make the King feel like a real king. I'll also check all the fluids and brakes and give it a quick once over.

Early Spring Harley Ride.

Today is March 24th it was snowing this morning and now looks bright and clean and warm out the window. I know it is not warm, but it looks like it.

I know I am once again talking about the weather in SLC. I guess this is as much a place for me to track when I start and stop riding each year as it is an interesting bit of SLC riding information. I know I could ride a lot more, just tough out the weather and go, but I choose to wait. I m not sure if this is reflection on getting older or being lazy or both I have seen lots of Big Bike hitting the road already this year. Which is Awesome, and now that gas and Diesel prices are once again way to high on a false premise I must start to ride the bike and save some cash and wear and tear on my Truck. I think I will go home and fire the bike up and put some fresh gas in it after burn some in the sun.