Here is a shamless plug for some good products to help you clean you Motorcycle

We are ready, let's go. Oh wait I gotta go wash my bikes. Well I better quit blogging and start scrubbing. The rain has left me a mess to deal with. But never fear we will shine on the ride tomorrow.

I was reading the sentence from a previous post and realized I wash my bikes all the time. Love to keep them clean and looking good. I have tried all kinds of things over the years, including special washing soaps, Harley Brand cleaners, and no name brand products.

I think the soap doesn't really matter so much as it all seem to get the junk off, if and only if you can wipe the surface with a rag or washing mit. If you can't get to it and wipe it like the back and side of the engine then you need to call in the specialty cleaners.

One of the best lines of cleaners and engine brighteners I have found came recommended by the Local Harley Shop. It is the S100 cleaner, and restore stuff. The S100 Engine Cleaner is a spray on let it soak and spray it off type deal. I put some on the engine an around the wheels and tires and hard to get places. Then I proceed to wash the bike with soap and a washing mit. Once I am done I get the high pressure hose out and spray off all the gunk. It works pretty well. It is not a replacement for real actual elbow grease but it definitely helps. These S100 product do help me get the bikes clean and looking good.

The last step is to add a bit of corrosion protection for the engine, they also have a product called engine Brightener. I have used this a lot to restore the nice factory black look around the back parts of the motor. So if you have a second check out these products and give them a try. Anything that makes yucky jobs easier is worth a look.

Here you can check out the complete kit.

I promise to write all about my Sturgis trip.

I am busy and tired and watching the Olympics. Since we got home from our Sturgis trip I haven't had time to do much of anything. I haven't even taken the tank bag straps off or washed my bike yet. I have 1790 miles worth of bugs and road grime on my Road King. I need to clean and polish it and wax it again. And very soon, maybe I should go do that right now. Wish me luck.