How to Build a Harley Torque Monster by Bill Rook

I got a comment from a reader telling me I was foolish to pay what I did to get my Carburetor rebuilt by Killer Carburetor on Ebay. This may be true, it may not be. I know many people can rebuild a Carburetor and many can do it for pennies. The poster said I should just buy a book called How to Build a Harley Torque Monster by Bill Rook and follow along to tune the carburetor myself. Normaly this is exactly what I would do, I was just at my wits end with this hard starting problem I was having, and sadly I didn't completely solve it.

Here is the original comment to my post, Thanks for sharing:
Janster said...
"You've got to be kidding. I read that ad on EBAy last week and thought it was a hoot! For all the change in performance, you'd do better by attaching baseball cards to your spokes. Read How to Build a Harley Torque Monster by Bill Rook for a great article on modifying CV carbs. It's a nice Carburetor , but spending that kind of $$$ for glass beading a Carburetor throat and getting a little plate that says "Killer" is crazy. I installed the YOST CV40 kit which is fine, though I think you could get the same effect with a much cheaper rejet kit."

Janster I would love to attach a baseball card to my spokes, that would be super cool, but I am sorry to say that my FatBoy doesn't have spokes. 8-)

Like I had said earlier, I was and am having very hard starting problems with my FatBoy, I thought it was the Carburetor and or a leaky intake. I have had the Carburetor off the bike 25 times and replaced the intake seals many times. I got the Killer Carburetor to eliminate the Carburetor as the problem. Once the bike does start it run a lot better after the rebuild. I guess the hard starting is just part of it being a 1999 and having almost 60,000 miles on it. I think I need to get into the top end and get some rings, piston, and some more power. A winter rebuild may be part of the equation.