Nintendo Wii Christmas Crazyness.

I need to say I love the Christmas Holiday season. Maybe a bit too much, what I mean is each year I get caught up in the video game craze, I talk to all the kids in the neighbor hood and the guys at work, and find out what is hot and what is not. Then I have to have it. This year is Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii I just have to have it, from me, and no one else. I have searched high and low and I was able to find a copy at a local store tonight. Lucky for me, but if you are not so lucky there is still hope if you want to pay a bit more. Amazon has sellers that still have it available and you can still get it for Christmas, or you can turn to ebay, and pay your money and take your chances.

And if you get this game I think you need an extra wheel or two.

The Wii is still one of the best game system around, our family loves it and the kids get a work out when they turn it on and try to compete at an Olympic level. The Wii game console is available this year so if you don't have one you should consider it. I even saw one at a store tonight, sitting behind the counter ready for sale, unlike last year, but that's another story. You guessed it last year I had it have it ended up with two and lost 100 bucks selling the extra one. Oh well live and love.

More Cool Custom Chopper Pictures

This is starting to get really fun, more and more and more pictures of ultra cool custom Chopper Motorcycle to look at the think about. This one is more my style, with the super clean rear end and the hidden softail suspension. I have to have a bike I can ride for 8 hours a day, thus I want a softail. This Bike has a super low seat and a nice line over the top of the tank. You have to like the look or the arched back tiger tank. This line make the engine look good, as I am sure its a big bore horse power monster. The single front down tube looks pretty good, the only thing I have to look twice at and decide if I like is the big long pulled back bars, the long and sloped risers seem a bit funny to me. Maybe if they were a bit shorter or lower, I don't know, what do you think?